Cleo's puppies

Page last updated : 5/12 2011

Goldmali Angel ("Cleo", daughter of Ripley), owned by Chris and Steve Bennett -probably the only Grey Malinois bitch of breeding age left in the UK -hip score 5/6, stud book number, was mated to Janice Tyers' Yachtmans Tale of Sabrefield ("Kip"), hip score 3/7, red agility dog who also has won well at shows including 2 RCC, 5 BD, 2 RBD. Kip has also been character tested and passed Excellent (Working BSD Society 2007). This litter that was born on the 2nd of November 2011 is 3/4 Sabrefield lines and could be very exciting indeed. Pups will be suitable as active pets, for showing, agilty etc. Reared indoors as part of the family. Please contact me at if interested and I can put you in touch. Only a couple left so don't miss out. Pups are located in Worcester.

Cleo (to the right she is representing the breed at Discover Dogs at Crufts)



  The puppies as newborn:


Pup nicknamed Badger -mismarked but how pretty!


Photos taken at 4 weeks on the 3rd of December 2011 when John and I visited the pups:

All 8 puppies eating

All are big, chunky, happy and outgoing. Lovely pups.


"Badger", dog pup with the white blaze (This may disappear as he grows older)


I stick my tongue out at you!

All the pups tug well on toys -and trousers

One bitch and one dog have white blazes -the bitch's is very small and is almost certain to disappear as she grows older.

I think the dog's will too.