Golden Retriever dog, d.o.b. 22nd of October 2003

Sire: Ch. Ninell Harrington at Millgreen Click for photo Dam:Tenfield Silver Gull Click for photos

Breeder: Kim Ellis

Hips: Not scored (Simba has been neutered due to epilepsy)

KC Good Citizen Puppy, Bronze, Silver and Gold awards -all BEFORE his first birthday.
Despite his health problems, Simba is now the longest lived Golden I have had.

Simba on his 14th birthday, 2017

My daughter Rebecca's funny card about Simba -all her own work and ratings!


Simba is a typical Golden -happy, outgoing, loving, adores everyone, loves to please and lives to retrieve!

He's very laid back and his favourite position is on his back with his legs in the air,

tail wagging, waiting for somebody to tickle his tummy.

Teaching him new obedience exercises is done with lightning speed.

Everybody loves Simba, humans and animals alike.



Simba 8 weeks old, just arrived with us.


Dandy and Simba -Dandy will teach Simba all that he knows!


Simba at 10 weeks.

He has settled in so well and all the other dogs love him.

Simba 3 months old.

Such a pretty face !


Simba is very good at getting muddy !

4 months old now.

Other than having a talent for getting dirty, Simba has lots of other

talents. He is doing well at training classes. He excels at retrieving -and down stays.

Down stays are good for a snooze. He also has an amazing talent for opening

the cupboards where the dog and cat food is kept !

He is extremely friendly and outgoing, and totally fearless. Everybody is

a friend in Simba's eyes, regardless of size and species.

Simba 5 months old

Tired! Almost filling up the bed now -though it is the smaller one!

All our dogs have to wait until told before they are allowed to eat.

At 5 months of age, Simba is already excellent at this.

Simba has been given the command "okay" and tucks into his lunch!

Simba 7 months old.

Where DID that tiny puppy go ?!

We can do a sit stay together

But the oldies quickly get tired! Notice how Simba is obviously raring to go !!

A down stay is easier on old legs for Dandy and Elsa, and Simba happily oblige as well.

At a Companion show in July 2004 Simba was Best Puppy in Show.

Simba 8 months old



Simba July 2004.

A year old approx.

Simba took a dislike to showing -we shall see if we can get him used to it again.

If not, he'll remain a wonderful pet. He's a very happy dog!

Here he is in June 2005 with Ripley's Malinois puppies.

Simba loves puppies -in fact he loves everyone.

This is his favourite pose -on his back!

Puppy love

Simba has as a fully mature adult developed a lovely dark colour.

June 2006

June 2006

Always the reliable babysitter !

Every week my son Benjamin looks at my website and asks if I'm not going to add the photos of HIM and Simba.

He thinks Simba is the best dog in the world. So here are the photos for the world to see.

Simba acting as Santa's reindeer!

With his new friend, little niece Kiara, February 2007.

Kiara reckons that Simba makes a nice pillow.

Simba in June 2007

Fun during a walk

Simba playing with his niece Kiara

Simba with Benjamin and Kiara, August 2007

Benjamin with Simba and Kiara during a walk in December 2007

Simba with Ripley, January 2008

Simba May 2008

Benjamin and Simba

Benjamin with Simba and Kiara August 2008 

Simba got a nice chew from Benjamin for his 5th birthday

In the snow February 2009

Benjamin and Simba July 2009

(with a chew Benjamin bought for Simba)

With Benjamin during a walk August 2009

Playing with Matilda

August 2009

December 2009

Simba loves puppies

Simba with Ripley December 2010

December 2010

Babysitting puppies, Christmas Day 2010

Simba still loves puppies

On a walk with Benjamin April 2011

Fun in the snow February 2012

Benjamin and Simba August 2013.

Simba (10) and Ben (13) November 2013

Benjamin and Simba July 2014

Simba 14 years old October 2017