Abby's puppies to Peanut

First week

Peanut (Goldmali Dreams Come True)

was mated to

Spinillons Abby

Abby 7 weeks pregnant. She was getting huge.

On the 9th of May 2011 (day 59) Abby gave birth to four pups. 3 dogs and one bitch.

Top from left on day of birth: Smallest dog (Sable -how red or not remains to be seen), biggest dog (born 4 hours after third pup!), (Tricolour), bitch (Sable -ditto to small dog)

Bottom: Tricolour dog pup

3 days old

Abby and pups 4 days old

4 days old

Left to right: Bitch, medium dog, little dog, big dog

4 days

4 days

4 days

4 days

and again

and again

and yet again at 4 days

The biggest pup; Tricolour dog at 4 days of age

(on this blue blanket the tri patches don't show up well, all the pups look black)

The same dog again

Bitch 4 days old

The bitch again

and the bitch again

The bitch and the biggest dog pup -the bitch's patch is almost heart shaped (won't last long though as the shape will alter when the fur grows long!)

The medium sized dog pup 4 days

and again

Here you can clearly see the Tri markings

The smallest dog at 4 days of age

and again. He may LOOK Tri, but his colour is not black at all, it just does not show well in this photo.

The smallest and the biggest pups at 4 days of age

The bitch suckling at 4 days

Abby with her pups 6 days old

7 days old


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