Abby's puppies to Peanut

One to two weeks old

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Abby and her pups 8 days old

All the pups 8 days old

Left to right: Medium Tri dog, Big Tri dog, Sable dog, Sable bitch

All the pups at 8 days again. Big Tri dog, Sable dog, Medium Tri dog, Sable bitch.

The biggest dog pup 8 days

same pup

Medium sized dog pup 8 days

Smallest dog pup 8 days

and again

and again

Bitch pup 8 days


bitch again

13 days old already

Back to front: Big Tri dog, Meduim Tri dog, Sable bitch, Sable dog.

13 days

I have opened my eyes! Nobody else has. Biggest Tri dog pup.

Same dog. Again photos come out too dark on this blanket.

And same dog again, 13 days

Bitch pup 13 days

Bitch 13 days



Smallest dog pup 13 days

Smallest pup again

The medium sized Tricolour dog at 13 days of age

and again

Dad apparently has visitation right! Abby doesn't mind anyone visiting now but the other dogs tend to stay out of the pen most of the time, Melanie put Peanut here to pose for the photo! 13 days.


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