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Rona with her pups aged 8 days

The two Greys often stay together, and Rona often feeds the pups in smaller groups. 8 days.

Here all 7 are feeding at once for a change. 9 days old.

After 9 days Rona is a lot more relaxed and now she decided some of the other dogs would be allowed to briefly meet her puppies.

Penny had so wanted to have a look at the puppies, here she gets a first chance to sniff at pink.

10 days old and back in the little box when the whelping box is being cleaned out. It's a squeeze!

10 days old. Big and chunky!

11 days old, blurred photo. Sitting up to feed.

Buy laying down is still more comfortable.

12 days old and the first puppy to open both eyes wide is purple! Hello, I can see you!

Blurred again -the pups are so wriggly now it makes it very hard to take photos! Purple with open eyes.

12 days old, tired red

A selection of pups at 12 days of age

13 days of age and blue is learning to walk

13 days and all have eyes open if not wide. Blue dog

Green dog at 13 days

Look closely -green has the same ridge on his face that Rona has. I have had one such pup in most litters. It certainly never bothered any judges at shows with Rona.

Orange dog 13 days

Pink bitch 13 days

Red bitch 13 days, having a yawn. Sorry about the quality of the photo, my cheap camera decided to focus on the background instead. (And my daughter the photographer has been too busy to visit, auditioning for the TV programme The Apprentice.)

Purple bitch 13 days

Yellow bitch 13 days

I can sit up! 13 days

Pink had seemed hungry, even straight after feeding from Rona and indeed on this day had lost a small bit of weight, so even though the pups were only 13 days old, I decided to offer her some mince and see what she'd do. She was hungry she said, and ate a fair bit!


Then yellow appeared and started eating as well

Pink got full up and green appeared to have a taste

Purple and the rest stayed asleep

14 days old  -2 weeks already! Looks like the small box won't work for more whelping box cleanings as purple is on her way out!

Hard to catch all 7 together now

14 days

Another solid meal and the same pups as yesterday had a taste.

And today red joined in as well. No rush for the others, they can each start to eat solids when they feel ready.

Mum still has the best food

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