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         0-7 days old
1-2 weeks old

15 days old, all eating

And all tired at 15 days

16 days old -after the party! (Or rather dinner)

18 days old and ears are starting to go up on some of the pups (Pink bitch)

Yawn!! (Pink)

19 days old and now we are trying actual dog food as opposed to just raw minces, so we get used to a variety of food

We're not impressed!

Let's leave the food and play instead

THIS is more interesting! A world outside the box! 19 days old.

20 days old and now they are giving us mince and dog food mixed. Okay, somewhat better.

But nothing is quite as good as mummy's milk still!

20 days old

Crufts then got in between so no photos taken on the day the pups turned 3 weeks.

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