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3 weeks 2 days old, meeting other dogs and exploring the world. Well the living room, at least!

Yellow bitch likes Benjamin's Andrex slippers. Puppies usually do!

Back in the box

3 weeks 3 days old. These pups are getting so bed says Rona. It's hard work!

All the pups at 3 weeks 5 days of age

Green dog is the first to have his ears stay up all the time

Malinois pups really start to look like Malis once the ears are up

A toy? What am I meant to do with it?

Chew it?

Or use it as a head rest perhaps?

3 weeks 5 days old

Mince is still the favourite solid food

3 weeks 6 days old. Green dog.

Looks like butter wouldn't melt, but green has a temper!!

Purple at 3 weeks 6 days. Her ears are still going up and down.

Beautiful purple -or rather Petra as her name will be in her new home

Red bitch fast asleep

and pink bitch asleep too

4 weeks old and with a more practical food bowl -spot the odd one out!!

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