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4 weeks 1 day old and we're learning to climb out of the box.

4 weeks 2 days old and Petra cuddles up with great granny Ripley

She was NOT best pleased when one pup decided to climb on her and he got told off!

4 weeks 3 days old and we removed the slats from the whelping box front so the pups now come and go as they please. Mainly they like to sleep at people's feet! In particular Benjamin's.

with Melanie and second cousin Penny

Still eat inside the box. Getting VERY greedy now.

Outside seeing the big world for the first time! 4 weeks 3 days. (All photos on the grass this day taken by Melii Violet my professional photographer daughter)



Coming when called!

Washing flapping on the line in the strong wind didn't bother them at all

Petra found a mole hole and had to check it out

Ritzy chewing a sibling's ear


When we got back inside great granny Ripley's legs had gone bad again and she wasn't very well at all. Orange came to check her out. He didn't get told off.

Red wanted to keep great granny company and she didn't mind

The next day (17th of March 2014) Ripley was even worse and we had to say the final goodbye. This is the very last photo taken of her, together with her great granddaughter Ritzy who will be staying here. We miss Ripley so much.

4 weeks 6 days old and we have some new toys including a wobble board

Yellow has put her ears up

4 weeks 6 days

Blue (Thumper) has one ear up and one down -and had a close encounter with a waterbowl!

Green looking attentive

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