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Team Goldmali

Marianne and Ripley -Champion Sabrefield Zimply Zuper

John and Rona -Goldmali Fabulous

Benjamin and Mats -Mats Van De Vaardekenshoeve at Goldmali

Melanie and Z -Goldmali Bohemian Rhapsody

Marianne and John Brett live in South Yorkshire, England.

(Or rather right at the borders of Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire, in lovely rural surroundings. We moved here in April 2007.)

Marianne was born in Sweden but moved to England in 1988,

John has always lived in Yorkshire.

We have both kept and bred animals most of our lives,

of a large variety ranging from worms to dogs and sheep.

We used to breed and show the Blondbella Persian and Exotic cats for 25 years but retired from breeding cats in 2014,

now we concentrate fully on the Goldmali Malinois and Papillons.

Marianne is a Kennel Club Assured Breeder and we passed our inspection by the KC in May 2015.

We both have children that all are just as animal mad, and Marianne has a grandson born to Melanie and her husband Kallum in February 2015. Young Timmy loves dogs, especially Papillons!

Marianne writes the breed notes for Malinois & Laekenois for OUR DOGS.

Marianne has worked as a veterinary nurse, dog groomer and kennel maid, and is the author of

several books on pet care:


*GULDHAMSTERN (Swedish), ICA 1986. (As Marianne Bornhult)

(As Marianne Mays:)






(The "Your First" books now known as "HOW TO CARE FOR..")

*PERSIAN CATS, Kingdom 1996



*WORLD OF CATS, Gramercy 1999





Our animals are kept first and foremost as pets.

The dogs mainly live indoors although some of the stud dogs (Malinois only, and only with the company of a spayed bitch) have to live in kennels. Puppies are ALWAYS reared indoors as part of the family and are never kenneled.

The indoor cats have a safely enclosed run to go out in.

They are not allowed outside otherwise -it is too dangerous.


All the dogs do or have at some point attended training classes.

In total Marianne has passed, with a lot of different dogs, 55 different Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog tests, ranging from Bronze to Gold, since the first Bronze with Rufus in 1995.

Dandy, Ripley (both now RIP) and Arnie competed and were placed in obedience although at low levels.

The obedience training is  a family affair with Marianne, John, Melanie and Benjamin all taking part in classes. John is just getting a taste for agility. Marianne doesn't particularly like handling the dogs at shows so John does most of the handling (realising his dream of running through the arch into the big ring at Crufts in 2010 when he took best of Breed with Ripley), and Melanie and Benjamin help out too. All four of us have handled at Crufts. Mickey the Papillon is Marianne's VERY spoilt favourite, and nobody else is allowed to handle him at shows!

Marianne and Mickey -Goldmali Joyride, after his very first show

We have bred many show winning dogs of both breeds as well as dogs competing successfully in obedience, agility, working trials, scentwork and flyball, and professional working dogs such as security dogs. In 2012, 2013 and 2014 Goldmali were the second most successful breeders of Malinois in the showring in the UK.

Benjamin and Molly -Goldmali Good Golly Ms Molly

Melanie and Peanut -Goldmali Dreams Come True

Grandson Timmy with his Papillons Minnie (Goldmali Jingle Bell), Angel (Spinillons Angel Kiss Goldmali) and Harry (Goldmali Georgie)