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5th of August: Belgian Shepherd Dog Association of GB Championship show with judges from abroad. Rex was 1st of 2 in PGD and graded Excellent. Mats 2nd of 2 in LD and graded Excellent. Dana only managed 3rd out of 3 in JB and a grading of Very Good. She's moulting and has lost weight, as they do.

23rd of July: Karen Denton's Zelda (G. Kalinka)
placed 3rd in the first Level 6 Scentwork UK Trial to be held!

22nd of July: We had a change of scenery and went to the Bingley exemption cat show, where little Casper the moggy first took Best Non Pedigree Cat, then beat the best Pedigree Pet to become overall Best in Show Household Pet! The amount of food, toys, trophies etc he won was amazing -and he even got 53 prize money!

16th of July: Rafiki (G. Let It Be) came back to live with us. Rona had 8 puppies to Mats. Never before have I had two Malinois litters in the same year, but this will be our last litter for some time as we are now taking a break. The mating of Mats to Rona was one I had wanted to do for years, but when we tried in 2016 Rona refused to be mated. This time however all went well! See the pups on their blog: O LITTER
Rona with her 8 newborns to Mats


2nd of July: Another local fun show. Riley took best puppy.

1st of July: Joanne Apostolou's Zulte (G. I Believe I Can Fly) achieved his Agility Warrant Bronze!

17th of June: Northern BSD Club Championship show. Rex 1st in PGD and graded Excellent, he then took the Reserve Dog CC. Mats 1st and graded Excellent in Limit Dog. Dana 2nd and graded Excellent in Junior Bitch.

11th of June: Fen passed his KC Good Citizen Silver test.

10th of June:
Christine Smith's Bliss (Goldmali Kiss From A Rose) is awarded her Flyball Dog Intermediate Certificate.

8th of June: 3 Counties Championship show. Rex was Reserve Best Dog and Magic Reserve Best Bitch.

5th of June: We said goodbye to Roxie (G. Crash Boom Bang) who had cancer and was in pain.


30th of May: Bath Championship show. Judy Cloutt's Goldmali Icon (Petra) took BB & BOB.

21st of May: Matilda and Arnie, our two Golden Retriever/Malinois crosses (not designer dogs, genuine accident) turned 15 years old!

20th of May: Redditch & DCS Open show. Again Rona had to stay at home. The only other Malinois entries were Dana who was Best Puppy and Reserve BOB, and Rex who was Best of Breed.

7th of May: We went to a local fun show for charity where Fen won the class for best trick, and Mya the Papillon (G. My Way) was Best Puppy.

6th of May: Birmingham National Dog Show Championship show. Rona had to stay at home as she was in season. Rex was 1st in PG but he was the only entry. I brought Fen and took the opportunity to take the KC Good Citizen Bronze test with him at the show, which he passed.

28th of April: Well as I don't have a cat website anymore, I will mention it here. Today I brought home the smallest kitten I've ever known, 8 week old Tabby/white mog Casper Spook. I missed the original Spook that I lost over 2 years ago so much that I couldn't resist getting a lookalike. In fact he's so much like Spook in his behaviour as well.

20th of March: Goldmali Flash "Reggie" (100 % show line Malinois) with owner Christine Merritt was on TV again, this time in "The Kyle Files". The episode was about dangerous dogs and Reggie demonstrated how a correctly trained dog will do bitework on command and most importantly STOP when told (unlike many dogs used as weapons by irresponsible owners). Jeremy Kyle donned a bite suit and Reggie chased him and got him by the sleeve until Mr Kyle asked for the dog to be removed.
12th of March: Show day at Crufts. We only had Dana and Rona entered. Dana was 2nd (out of 2) in Puppy Bitch, Rona was unplaced in Open Bitch but won 1st in Good Citizen Bitch out of 3.

11th of March: Crufts. Today Goldmali had a team of Malinois in the Breeders' Competition. We weren't placed (there were close to 50 teams) but it was special to see 3 of our dogs in the big ring at Crufts, which was also streamed live on the internet. John handled Rex (Goldmali King of Hearts), Sue Fryer our friend from SIT Dog Training handled Dana (Goldmali Lullaby) and Benjamin handled Magic (Goldmali Kind of Magic).

6th of March: Ritzy gives birth to 6 puppies sired by Rex; the Goldmali N litter. See their blog here: N LITTER


19th of February: Matlock & DCS Open show. Rex Best of Breed.

11th of February: Christine Smith's Bliss (Goldmali Kiss From A Rose) is awarded her Flyball Dog Certificate.

27th of January: Fen, the assistance dog (well he does all the work but has not been officially certified -long story) is back here for the time being. We very much hope he can go back home to his owner eventually. Fen misses his dad a lot.


21st of January: Manchester Championship Show. Rex 1st in Post Graduate Dog (but out of one), Dana 1st in Puppy Bitch (out of 2).

Dana was handled by Benjamin