Ginny's puppy

Week 5-6:

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5 weeks 1 day old

I still sleep a lot

Just 3 days later (5 weeks 4 days) and look! My ears are going up! I look like a Papillon now!

I'm so big now I might as well eat with the BIG boys and girls.

I come when my name is called as it always means either food or fun!

When I get tired I often sleep with ancient uncle Rufus. When I'm NOT tired I hitch a ride by grabbing on to Rufus' tail when he walks, but nobody has ever managed to take a photo of that!

Rufus makes a good pillow

5 weeks 5 days, in my own bed

5 weeks 5 days and a CAT decided to share a bed with me

(Must be because of the names. I'm Peanut, she's Hazelnut!)

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