Ella (RIP)

Spinillons Ella Goldmali

Dark Sable and white Papillon bitch

 27/1 2010 -2/11 2015

Sire: Powdermill Midas Touch Spinillons ShCM

Dam: Spinillons Abby

Our pretty little girl, born to Abby. Born here but officially bred by Jo.



Abby with her puppies one day old. Ella in the middle.

Ella one day old

Abby's puppies 5 days old. Misty (Ammer) to the left, Ella on top, Sasha below.

Ella 5 days old

The puppies 15 days old. Ella to the left.

Ella, Misty, Sasha 15 days old

Ella 15 days

Ella 15 days

22 days old, first meal of solids. Ella in the middle.

Ella asleep at 4 weeks of age

Peanut visits the 4 week old puppies -his nieces

Ella 29 days old

A relaxed Ella at 4 weeks 1 day

Playing. Ella furthest down. 4 weeks 1 day.

Ella 4 weeks 2 days old

4 weeks 3 days old. Ella to the left.

Ella ripping newspaper 5 weeks 1 day old

5 weeks 1 day

5 weeks 3 days old. Misty, Ella, Sasha.

Ella 5 weeks 3 days old, meeting GIANT auntie Ripley

5 weeks 5 days

7 weeks 1 day old and Sunrise comes to visit

7 weeks 2 days and Ella wants to sleep together with Peanut and ancient old uncle Rufus -plus a visiting cat

7 weeks 2 days. Ella (left) and Sasha thinks that Simba is a great friend to cuddle up to.

7 weeks 4 days and the weather is finally warm enough for a very first trip to the outside world for such small pups

Sasha, Misty, Ella

Ella 10 ½ weeks old

Ella 10 ½ weeks

10 ½ weeks

Abby with the pups aged 11 weeks. Ella to the left.

11 ½ weeks old, first visit to the field for a run. Ella with Melanie.


11 ½ weeks old

7 Papillons, the pups aged 11 ½ weeks

12 weeks old and some kittens try to steal our food

13 weeks old and the last photo of Rufus, surrounded by the pups. Rufus died 2 days later. He was 15 years old.

Ella 4 ½ months old

A tiny dog in a big field

You can hardly see the small dot that is Ella -but she is to the far right!

Impossible to catch Ella with the camera, she is running so fast she's running out of the photograph!

Did anyone think tiny dogs (Ella weighs 1 ½kg) just wanted to be carried around and NOT run around in a ten acre field? WRONG!!

Ella 7 ½ month old

I've had enough of standing now.

A very snowy Ella December 2010, aged 10 months

Ella with Melanie. Ella aged 14 months.

July 2012, 2 ½ years old

Ella was meant to move in with Melanie, Harry and Angel but did not settle there, so is here to stay. She has now been spayed as she is just too small to have been bred from.