Our Elsa is gone. 24/6 1997 - 28/12 2005.

This was her own page.


Golden Retriever bitch, d.o.b. 24th June 1997

Sire: Sh.Ch. Yeo Gold Medallion Dam: Rolled Gold Jodie

Breeder:Valerie Wilkin

Hips: Not scored

KC Good Citizen Bronze

Always sits around with her favourite ring in her mouth !

Elsa does rather look older than her age!


Elsa as an 8 week old puppy -smaller than Tosca the cat!

Elsa is basically a pure Yeo dog, although bred by Mrs Sawtell's kennel help, Mrs Wilkin.

She is Dandy's niece, being the daughter of his older brother.

Elsa hasn't quite got Dandy's good looks, but has the same

temperament. She is Dandy's closest friend.

Elsa approx. 2 years old.

Young Elsa -as usual with a toy.

Rufus with Elsa. Elsa loves Rufus and the first time she was in season, she

made it clear she wanted HIM, and NOT Dandy.

(Elsa has never had pups.) This was when Dandy started to hate Rufus, and

he has never forgotten it.

In 2001, Elsa became the foster mother of a rescued pup.

She developed milk and suckled her.

Amazingly, she also allowed several KITTENS to suckle her !!

Elsa asleep in front of the fire

During a walk in the woods, 2001.

Elsa with her favourite toy in November 2003.

Golden Retrievers LOVE getting dirty.

They also seem to attract mud !

This is Elsa in March 2004, after just having been outside in the back garden for

a little while on a rainy day............

Elsa in front of Simba and Dandy, 2004.