Calee's puppies to Peanut
Goldmali J litter

Papillon puppies D.O.B. 23rd of December 2014
Sire: Goldmali Dreams Come True Dam: Spinillons Classic Calee

Peanut left, Calee right

Calee with her two newborn puppies on the 23rd of December 2014. One dog, one bitch, both black and white.

Dog at back, bitch at front

The dog pup aged 4 days. Calee rejected him from the first night, would not have anything to do with him.
Hence he was bottlefed for the first month of his life.
Thankfully he was able to get some milk and comfort from Abby who also had puppies, but his main source of food was from his human mum via bottles.
He was so small and for a long time we weren't at all sure that he would survive.
All the practice I had got over the years with bottlefeeding kittens came in handy for sure.

Dog pup 6 days old

Calee did however really love her daughter and did everything for her.
Here she is a week old in Melanie's hand. Melanie named her Minnie, so I decided to call the dog pup Mickey.

Mickey (right) with one of the much bigger Abby pups. Mickey aged 18 days.

Minnie eating solid food aged 23 days

Minnie fast asleep aged 24 days.

Mickey aged 4 weeks 4 days. He really does look like Mickey Mouse, being so tiny and black and white.


Minnie 4 weeks 4 days


This puts Mickey's size at 4 ½ weeks into perspective, next to our guinea pig!

Not to mention how tiny Mickey is compared to Ringo the Maine Coon cat!

Mickey meeting Santee the Malinois pup. Santee 5 months old, Mickey 5 weeks.

Santee and Mickey became best friends. Santee 5 ½ month old, Mickey 7 weeks.

Mickey and Santee

Mickey on the wobble board with his half brother Walnut. Mickey 7 weeks.

Mickey 11 weeks, Santee 6 months

Mickey 13 weeks Santee 7 months

Minnie at 13 weeks of age moves to Melanie's house and meets baby Timmy aged 6 weeks