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Two weeks old and as there are so many pups, we try some solid food. No force or even coaxing, all I did was put the plate in front of the pups. All but Pink instantly started eating! They were definitely ready, and this will particularly help the smaller pups and Penny.

One plate clearly wasn't enough to fit around! But the bigger feed trays are too tall for now.

Messy eaters

Penny was more than happy to help clear the mess after the first meal

One very full pup asleep after dinner

By the next day Pink was eating as well.

22nd of April and all the pups now have their eyes open. I tried to get headshots but some worked better than others. They don't keep very still, and my daughter the photographer isn't able to visit at the moment so I had to do the best I could with my cheap camera.

Beige (dog)

Black (dog)

Blue (dog)

Orange (dog)

Brown (bitch)

Green (bitch)

Pale Green (bitch)

Pink (bitch)

Purple (bitch) No she hasn't got extra ears, they are on John's t-shirt......!

Red (bitch)

White (bitch)

Yellow (bitch)

23rd of April 2015

24th of April

The box needs clean bedding and so this time we let the pups experience the floor for the first time

Mickey says he didn't think dogs smaller than he existed as he's never seen one before

The cats were interested

The pups aren't all that happy -the floor is cold compared to their box with vetbed and under floor heating! (Also known as a heated puppy pad!)

Pink decides to explore a bit

Fast asleep after the first adventure.

26th of April 2015 and two plates are most definitely needed now

Full up after a big meal

With mum Penny, still 26th of April

Penny is being an excellent mum and has coped so well with her family of 12

On the floor again

Yellow is about to open her mouth

27th of April. Almost 3 weeks old. The pups are gaining weight fast now when they are eating so much.

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