Ripley's puppies to Lakota-

Page 2; the first week

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1 day old and we are all very content

2 days old

2 days, all lined up and suckling

Well fed and asleep now

2 days old

Bobby the Papillon is very curious as to WHAT is in that box!

3 days old now

Sleeping on mummy's paw

Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?

Certainly not Ringo the Maine Coon!

3 day old pups.

A bitch pup at 4 days of age

Dog pup 4 days

Both the bitches (and a dog)

Breakfast in bed for Ripley

Pups 4 days of age

4 days old in the tray when the box is being cleaned out.

They've grown a lot already!

5 days old

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