Rio's puppies to Luta

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10 days old -soon too big for the cat bed

The first puppy has opened its eyes

Blurry picture but this is Flash, a dog pup -see his white stripe

(This is the F litter so all the puppies will get names beginning with an F, and it will all be song titles as usual)

With mum at 10 days

and at 11 days

13 days old

Last time the pups will fit in this bed I think! 13 days

Benjamin and Aurora the kitten studying the puppies

13 days

Back in the box and Abby is wishing she had pups of her own. Maybe she can go for a visit?

"Hmmm" says Rio, "I don't remember a puppy looking like THIS!"

Monty meets a puppy, Ella watches in the background

Relaxed. Melanie with a puppy and Monty, Bobby guarding the biscuit tin!


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