Photo Crufts 2022 by Yvonne Davis


Malinois dog, d.o.b. 7th of April 2013

Red with black mask

Sire: Luxembourg Champion Django Des Ardents Fauves

Dam: Iris Van De Vaardekenshoeve

Breeder: Stijn Van Hamme, Belgium. Website: Van De Vaardekenshoeve Malinois

KC Good Citizen Bronze certificate

Hip score: 8/4 = 12 Eyes last tested clear October 2022.
DNA clear for SDCA1&2, DM, JCM.

1 CC, 4 RCC. Reserve Best Dog & Best Veteran Crufts 2022, sire of the Crufts 2022 Malinois BOB winner.

Mats gained CC and BOB at just 13 months of age, after 2 months in the UK.
Top Malinois 2014 Belgian Shepherd Dog Association of GB.
Few photos really do him justice -he has the most amazing DEEP red colour.
Mats is small for a male dog but puts a lot into a small package -he has a lot of drive. He is a working dog in a show dog costume.

Mats is the sire of the amazing K litter which includes a CC winner, several flyball dogs including Kaylee who was seen on TV from Crufts 2020,
Fen the assistance dog, Wish a top frisbee dog, etc, as well as the O litter with agility competitors, search and rescue and BOB Crufts 2022 who now is a Champion.

Crufts 2022 RDCC & BV, photo by Yvonne Davis. A month off 9 years of age.

Mats 2021, 8 years old

I have always felt that a good dog should be able to do it all -why should breeds have to be split up into working and show types? So when I found a Malinois breeder in Belgium who felt the same way, and who breeds dogs that actively DO work AND win at shows, I knew I wanted to buy a dog from him! When I was offered Mats I jumped at the chance. Hence on the 2nd of March 2014 John and I travelled to Belgium to collect Mats, 11 months old.

First photo, at the pets passport reception in Calais, France, before boarding the channel tunnel

Blurry photo but it still shows how beautifully Mats moves

Mats after just 6 days with us

On a walk with Penny

Mats with Benjamin

Mats' first show after one month with us, where he won Best Puppy

27th of April 2014

June 2014, 14 months old

Mats and Benjamin June 2014

Blackpool Championship show 22nd June 2014. Handled by Benjamin. Best Opposite Sex.

On Blackpool beach after the show

Mats (front) August 2014

16 months old

Mats is VERY agile! Photos below taken at 18 months of age, by Melii Violet, A Thousand Words Photography.

Crufts 2015

Crufts 2015, photo by Kim Brown

Blackpool championship show 2015

In the ring with Benjamin at Blackpool 2015. Photo by Bethan Hughes.

Mats 2020, 7 years old

Mats 2021 8 years