Malinois bitch, d.o.b. 25th July 2012

Fawn with black mask

Sire: Jotunheim Urak (police dog) Dam: Goldmali Brown Sugar ShCM (show dog)

Breeder: Janice Tyers

Hip score: 5/6 =11
Elbow score: 0/0 =0

Eye tested clear February 2018

Good Citizen Bronze, Silver and Gold certificates

6 x Best Puppy (3 open shows, 3 championship shows)
  2 x Reserve Best Bitch (championship show)
1 x Reserve BOB (open show)

Mother of show dogs (All breed Best Puppy in Show winner, Crufts Best Puppy in Breed, RCCs, BOBs etc), working dogs
(flyball, scentwork, agility, assistance dog, PAT dog etc)
 and fantastic active pets.

Penny was born from a mating that was so similar to one I had always wanted to do myself -a working line father (in this case a police dog)
 to a show line mother (in this case Ripley's daughter Tanni, litter sister of Rio and Z)
-that there was no way I could resist buying one of the puppies! Thank you Janice for letting me have the pick of the five bitches!
Penny is a fantastic dog, and just what we hoped for: fearless, loves everyone (in fact loves nothing more than meeting total strangers!),
 was handled at shows by Benjamin from age 13. These days she isn't shown as she isn't really show quality,
but who knows, if my young grandson or granddaughter wants to have a go at showing one day, Penny would be happy to oblige.........
She is the most laid back Malinois I have ever come across, yet her puppies have drive.


We collected Penny at just over 8 weeks of age. It was a long journey from Wales (6 hours each way) so we brought cousin Rona with us as company,
and the two instantly became friends. In the first couple of weeks Penny did a LOT of sleeping. Here she is aged 8 weeks 6 days.

The day after arriving here -this cage will do as a bed, shove over Bobby!

This is also the day after Penny arrived -still tired after the journey it seems! (Then again you cannot catch her with the camera when she is NOT asleep!)
Here she is with Benjamin, Molly and also Melanie's Angel.

9 weeks old

From day one Penny has been going everywhere with us to socialise. In fact I wish I had brought the camera all the time as she has done so much and been to so many places.
 Here she is just 6 days after we collected her, aged 9 ½ weeks, visiting her family in another part of Wales, at Thea's place. Apart from dogs she also met horses and sheep.

Tired after all the excitement

9 weeks 2 days old. "Look at those paws, she's going to be huge!" everyone says. Indeed we hope she will be granny Ripley's size.
(Well, she ended up QUITE a lot bigger! The adult slim Penny weighs in at 31 kgs.)

9 weeks 4 days old, during a walk on the field for the first time

With Melanie and some of the little dogs

With John, cousin Rona and granny Ripley

Paying attention to John, with best friend Rona

When Penny was 11 weeks 4 days old we took her, Angel and Abby to a game and country show.
 We sent Penny into the ring at the fun dog show with Melanie (and Benjamin with Angel) as it would be invaluable practice for her to have known a show ring so young.
There was a LOT to see, smell and hear at this show and nothing bothered any of the dogs, not even standing right next to the clay pigeon shooting.
Penny thought EVERYTHING was fun.

15 weeks 5 days old and growing fast!
(No, she didn't eat the old furniture -we buy second hand and replace around once a year and it was time for a newer one anyway!
Well a cheap Ebay one, that is! Pointless having new furniture with dogs and cats around.)

4 months old to the day

I take up a lot of space now!

Yes I need to grow into my ears, but I can hear you VERY well with them!

Good job the new corner couch is a big one! Penny in the middle, Rona to the left and Ripley to the right.
(Rio does not get on with Ripley and Rona anymore -her fault for being bossy, not theirs -so these 3 are kept apart from the other Malinois and
what with Ripley being old spoilt granny, they automatically get certain privileges -such as sleeping on the couch and in the bedroom at night)

Just over 4 months old and it's about time we got some formal photos of Penny standing. Here's the first attempt!!! This is her character in a nutshell!

But look! A show dog!

Posing in a sit -yes the ears are still big -we don't care!

Penny as a pup was VERY clever, VERY excitable and got bored VERY easily! Here she decided to wash the Papillons' bedding -in the water bowls.

No other dog can destroy toys like Penny can. They last just minutes. So we bought her one a bit bigger than usual!! January 2013, 6 months old.

"The silly ears pair"!
Penny has the most fantastic outgoing nature, and so she spent a full day at Discover Dogs at Crufts 2013 (aged just 7 months), with aunty Rio.
She LOVED meeting lots of new friends all day long.

Photo with Benjamin by Nick Ridley

Benjamin with Penny in Junior Handling

Penny turned out to be FANTASTIC with the Papillon puppies.

Like little birds inside a crocodile's mouth!

Penny aged 10 months with Molly -the two bitches that Benjamin handles at the shows.

Benjamin and Penny in Junior Handling at Norbel June 2013. Penny 10 ½ month old, Benjamin 13 years.

In the BIS Puppy competition at Norbel.

Penny on her first birthday. Yes her ears are still big, and so is she. 29.8 kgs!

In the ring at BSDA championship show, Penny just over 12 months old. Note the judge is wearing glasses, has a beard, a flapping tie,
is holding Penny's head and staring in her eyes, yet she is standing rock still on a slack lead, ears back yes but tail NOT between her legs,
with a 13 year old handler. THAT is a good temperament! Many young Malinois would have hated this situation.

At a beach in Bournemouth after the show, with best friend Rona.

Penny in Bournemouth August 2013

Penny to the left, cousin Rona to the right

With Benjamin

At the Richmond championship show September 2013

Penny the lapdog (with Melanie)

Playing with Rona Blackpool beach June 2014

Snow is fun too. December 2014.

Penny (right) with one year old daughter Magic April 2016.

April 2016

April 2016

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