Malinois dog, d.o.b. 7th April 2015

Fawn with black mask
(Pictured at 11 months of age)

Sire: Mats Van De Vaardekenshoeve at Goldmali (IMP BEL) Dam: Cymry Penny Wise Goldmali

Breeder: Marianne Brett

Best Puppy out of 5 at his first ever show
3 Best Puppy including at CRUFTS 2016
1 Best of Breed
1 Reserve CC

KC Good Citizen Bronze

Eye tested clear 10th November 2016
Hips x-rayed 8th of November 2016 -awaiting results

Photo: Sami Bull

Rex is roughly three quarters working lines and one quarter showlines.

To see Rex be born and grow up until 8 weeks, visit the pages for the GOLDMALI K LITTER.

9 weeks old and the home for Rex fell through. Then a second, third, fourth and FIFTH home fell through too!

Rex LOVED his first walk with Benjamin.

A relaxed Rex

10 and a half weeks old and we have decided -Rex is staying! We didn't plan on keeping two puppies (littermates are never a good idea), and especially not another male dog, but Rex is now part of the family. He and Magic will go to separate training classes and get socialised separately, to not grow too dependent on each other.

I can be useful and guard the house. I can see out the window this way!

Mummy will help me guard.

3 months old

I didn't think much of this couch so took it apart. Well the humans only paid 3 for it from Ebay!

See, it didn't take long to get a new couch -and this one was free!

Playing with my sister Magic (she's on the right)

We can share

4 months old and practising a show stand

4 months

6 months old

Useful headrest. Rex 8 months old

11 months old, Best Puppy at Crufts 2016

Crufts 2016 (Photo by Sami Bull)

11 months

11 months