SANTEE SIOUX AT GOLDMALI (Crufts 2016 above)

Malinois dog, d.o.b. 24th August 2014

Red with black mask

Sire: Foxbriar Dashing Desperado Dam: Goldmali Faith

Breeder: Lewis Jones

Hips: 5/6= 11
Elbows: 0/0 = 0

Last eye tested clear October 2022 SDCA1&2 DNA tested clear

BP at his first show aged 6 months
"Very promising puppy of 6 months with lovely outline, very good quality and masculine headpiece and wonderful temperament." (Frank Kane)
BP and BEST PUPPY IN SHOW at his second show aged 7 months; BSDA of GB
BP at his third show
BP and Reserve CC at his fourth show

KC Good Citizen Bronze




Santee's pedigree name  is in honour of his great grandfather Champion Sioux Warrior (pet name Lakota, owner Thea Jellicoe),
who truly was a GREAT dog and whose start in life was very similar to Santee's.


Santee is the son of Rona's (and Dot and Fame's) litter sister Kilo -Goldmali Faith. Kilo had a litter of just 3 pups to Saxon;
Foxbriar Dashing Desperado, bred by Sonja Cafferata. Kilo and Saxon are both pure pets (both hip scored and eye tested)
 and their owner found out the hard way that breeding and selling Malinois puppies is not easy.
Kilo had previously lost a litter and when mated again gave birth to fours pups, one of which died.
 The three surviving pups did well but finding good homes for them wasn't entirely easy. Sonja who bred Saxon agreed to have the bitch; Breeze,
the breeder kept one of the dogs, Ghost, and the third pup went to a friend of his as a pet.

Just two days later I received a phonecall from a man who had found my phone number on the KC's website.
He said he had a Malinois puppy he needed a new home for as he simply could not cope with him -he had not at all realised what he let himself in for when acquiring a Malinois.
 By sheer coincidence this turned out to be Kilo's third pup. The owner decided to give things another go but three days later called back admitting
he simply could not deal with this pup and needed a new home for him. To be fair to him, Santee turned out to be one of these Mali pups that ARE hard work indeed
 -definitely NOT a pure pet, but a pup in need of a lot of training. John and I agreed to take the pup -after all, he was a great grandpup of Ripley and much as we had not planned on another puppy,
let alone another MALE dog, it felt like the right thing to do.

So Santee (name changed from original) came to live with us when just under 9 weeks old. He was very friendly with people and other dogs right from the start,
but initially suffered from separation anxiety and would not even go out into the garden or indeed could not even cope with us leaving the room without starting to scream in panic.
 He had, after all, been in a total of FOUR homes within just one week: from breeder to new owner, from new owner to friends of ours who collected him for us, then to us.
 Santee was terrified of being abandoned, but thankfully over the next few weeks started to realise that he was now HOME and here to stay,
and now he has got over the separation anxiety. The other dogs, in particular Rona, Penny and Ritzy welcomed him with open paws. He was one of them from day one!

A very tired Santee just having arrived here.

Santee the day after he arrived

Aunty Rona makes a good replacement for my mum

9 weeks old and the very first attempt at a show stand

9 weeks

Toys !!

Playing with my new best friend, cousin Ritzy. Santee 11 weeks, Ritzy 9 months.

12 weeks old. Santee is going out and about a lot to socialise. In the town centre he spotted a big red Christmas bauble in a shop window, which he wanted.
So we walked him to the pet shop and bought him a more suitable toy.

Penny makes a great bed for a tired puppy. Santee 13 weeks old.

3 months old

3 months old and that show stand is coming on nicely

What makes you think I have been playing rough with the cats ??? 3 ½ month old

In my defence I am only making the EXISTING hole in the floor bigger.

Dog training's Christmas party! 14th of December 2014. Ritzy, Santee and Penny. Gold for Goldmalis -Santee got the GREAT honour of wearing great granny Ripley's
gold sparkly Christmas collar. (It was a bit big, though.)

At the party I dressed as SANTEE Claus.

I got a Christmas present at the party. It didn't last very long. Toys are there to be destroyed Penny told me.

Christmas Eve, in Benjamin's bed. Well couch.

Snow! Not a lot but still fun. Santee on a walk with Rona, Penny and Ritzy on the 27th of December.

More snow a month later -Santee 5 months

Santee the Papillon baby sitter (Santee 7 months old)

Santee (far right) doing a day's work at Discover Dogs, Crufts 2015.

Santee a few days before his first birthday.

Crufts 2016

April 2016

April 2016