Malinois dog, d.o.b. 24th of April 2006

Fawn with black mask

Sire: Champion Sioux Warrior

Dam: Champion Sabrefield Zimply Zuper

Breeder: Marianne Brett

Hip score: 2/6 = 8
Eye tested clear (March 2013)

KC Good Citizen Bronze, Silver and Gold awards

One CC and KC stud book number



Z used to be the puppy known as Splodge -my favourite from the day he was born.

However at the time I could not keep another male dog because of Rambo, and it didn't make practical sense to keep two puppies and Rio was definitely staying with us. So Z went to live with Julia in London, and a better home nobody could have wished for.

His name is pronounced the American way; "zee".

Z and Julia did a lot together -obedience, agility, showing, even a bit of tracking and working trials.

We met Z at several shows and Ripley and Rio were always happy to see him again.

Then things changed, as they sometimes do. Julia will be moving back to the US and will be working long hours. As a true dog lover she put Z first and decided he would be better off coming back to us, even though it broke her heart. With Rambo gone, not only were we now able to give Z a home, but we were also very, very happy to do so -we have so missed having a male Malinois and there is none friendlier and happier than Z.



(A lot of earlier photos can be found on the litter pages and from when Julia owned him on the puppy photos page.)

11 days old

9 weeks old

14 weeks

In the ring at Windsor June 2007, with Julia

Windsor 2007

Z January 2008

With mum Ripley (at front)

Z's first Crufts. Left to right; Rio, Z, Ripley.

May 2008

Z looking through the living room window February 2009

January 2010

Melanie now handles Z at all the shows and sometimes in Junior Handling. Here they are in the ring at Blackpool June 2010.

After the show we went to the beach which Z really enjoyed

Z in the sea

It's a dog's life!

a year later, back at Blackpool beach again, June 2011

with niece Fame

In the ring at Crufts 2012 handled by Melanie

At Discover Dogs Crufts 2012 with mum Ripley (Z at back)

Z (front) in Discover Dogs at Crufts 2016, with litter sister Rio

Z and my grandson Timmy, Discover Dogs Crufts 2016