Goldmali Over the Rainbow

Malinois bitch, d.o.b. 16th July 2017

Red with black mask

Sire: Mats Van De Vaardekenshoeve at Goldmali (IMP BEL)
Dam: Goldmali Fabulous

Breeder: Marianne Brett

Bambi won the Reserve Bitch CC at Crufts 2020. CC Bath 2021. RCC Darlington 2021.

Bambi is 50/50 show and working blood, from two CC winning parents - Mats and Rona.
She's from a mating I had wanted to do for a long time,
and I'm very pleased with the result.
Bambi is 50 % Belgian blood, 25 % Dutch and 25 % UK.

Her names (pet name and KC name) are direct references to her great granny Ripley. I wanted to call Ripley Bambi originally,
but as I had Dandy at the same time it sounded too similar.
"Over the Rainbow" is of course after the song, and every time I see a rainbow I say "hello Rip",
taking it as a sign from Ripley at the Rainbow Bridge.

4 years old. Photo by Yvonne Davis.

2 ½ years old

Crufts 2020


8 ½ month old

Bambi at her first show aged 6 months

Bambi 5 ½ month

5 months old in her favourite lookout spot

Bambi 5 months old with Paul McCatney. Now look at this old photo of Bambi's great granny Ripley -same cat!
Neither photo posed.

4 ½ month old

Cuddled up to granny Rio

4 ½ month old

Bambi aged 3 months with half brother Fen

3 months old and have just realised she can look out the window

Baby Bambi

One red, one grey (Ritzy) -but we are sisters. Half sisters anyway, same mum.

At puppy class aged about 12 weeks

For photos of Bambi being born and the first few weeks, visit the blog I did: O LITTER