Last updated 17th of September 2021 (News)


We have stopped breeding Malinois now-
it was time to retire. We will still be showing our dogs and continue to offer
support and advice to all our puppy buyers

UK Breeder of Belgian Shepherd Dog Malinois 2005-2020
(Owner since 2000 and for many years yet!)

Very occasional breeder of Papillons


    RIPLEY (Champion Sabrefield Zimply Zuper) Best of Breed Crufts 2010

MICKEY (Goldmali Joyride), show dog with RCC, KC Good Citizen Bronze

Fenrir (Goldmali Kite) Assistance dog


    Mel's HARRY (Goldmali Georgie), family pet, has passed the KC Good Citizen Gold test
                Goldmali Over The Rainbow "Bambi" RBCC Crufts 2020    

We bred winning showdogs (both breeds), agility dogs (both breeds), flyball dogs (both breeds), obedience and rally dogs (Malinois),
  the UK's 2019 TOP Toss & Fetch frisbee dog (Malinois), scentwork dogs and a professional tracking dog (Malinois), working trials dogs (Malinois),
security dogs (Malinois), IPO dogs (Malinois), a cadaver dog (Malinois), 2 Therapy/PAT dogs (Malinois),
search and rescue dogs (Malinois), trick dogs (both breeds), assistance dogs (Malinois),
 personal protection trained dogs (Malinois), dogs passing the KC Good Citizen tests at all levels (both breeds),
dogs competing and doing demos at Crufts
in both show classes (both breeds)
and various types of work (Malinois), cani x competitors (Malinois), Hoopers winners (Malinois)
but above all we have bred man's, woman's and child's best friend in both breeds.
Our dogs are not perfect, but we did our best to produce the best possible.

 There are currently 4 Goldmalis in training to become assistance dogs and one certified -all owner trained.