Rio's puppies to Cougar

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8 days old and it's getting harder for Rio to fit all ten pups around her!

The pups don't really fit in the catbed anymore

They still have their eyes closed

Little Abby is so in love with the puppies and Rio doesn't mind her meeting them

11 days old and the pups are even bigger

Rio is spending more time out of the box

(Melanie took this photo and several others)

Very typical. The pups now have one eyed Dusky the Persian cat to visit them

Ginny brought a toy for the pups

Abby and Ginny practising for future maternal duties of their own

This is getting crowded! But Rio doesn't mind the slightest and the pups are getting socialised already.

Rio, little Abby, Ginny and Dusky.

The pup my kids have nicknamed Ziggy (short for Zig Zag) for now. (No, it won't be his pedigree name. Especially as if I allowed this as a name Benjamin aged 8 would want HIS chosen name to be used as well. His puppy name? Brian !!)

The pups aged 12 days

12 days old and some eyes are starting to open

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"It's tiring work being a puppy!"


"When I grow up I'm going to be a big tough dog!"

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