Rio's puppies to Cougar

Page 3: Two weeks old

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14 days old, a tired, comfortable puppy.

A 15 day old puppy using Rio's tail as a pillow

The pups still sleep most of the time.

Rio with the pups 16 days old.

There is no longer any way the puppies can fit into the cat bed for when the box has its bedding changed.

So first experience of the floor today!

Let's explore. What's over here?

Dogs and puppies everywhere!

Everyone wants to say hello.

Either these pups will grow up to think they are Papillons, or Abby will believe she is going to have Malinois puppies one day!

Hmmmm what's this?

Giant cat, tiny Malinois

20 days old and we are getting more and more hungry, and poor Rio is getting thinner despite 5 meals a day.

Time for solid food !

Mmmm! Chicken mince!

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