Rio's puppies to Cougar

Page 4: 3 weeks old

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More nice food. 3 weeks old today.

Abby is actually more interested in the pups than in their food

Which is more than can be said for Rio!

A pile of tired pups

What happened to those tiny pups?

What do you mean, I'm not their mother?

22 days old.

It's very tiring to eat.

3 weeks 4 days old. Isn't it amazing how they all manage to fit themselves so nicely around the food tray?

Seems to be inbuilt into all pups.

Sleeping pups with their nanny

Rio feeding the pups at age 3 weeks 4 days. Getting harder and harder to fit them in.

Melanie with an armfull of pups

Abby getting a lecture (?)


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