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5th of May 2015 and we are 4 weeks old. Love our wobble board!

Blue screamed and said he didn't want to be locked up in the pen, and when let out he decided to go to bed in the little pink cage that Ella (Papillon) sleeps in at night. Fee the Exotic cat already had the same idea.

Playing with Mickey again

and Walnut too

Box being cleaned out. Playing with Vesper, another of the cats.

We have new collars today, one size bigger. They look nice and bright. We all have the same colours as before, of course. The second food bowl has not arrived yet.

8th of May. More and more of us pile into Ella's house.

Sleeping on top of Santee under a table is okay too.

Granny had to go to a care home so we inspect her wheelchair before it goes to join her -"useful to socialise" the humans said

Mickey is just one of the Mali gang he reckons

Yellow playing with Walnut

9th of May. Sardines, anyone ??


10th of May, Yellow again

11th of May. Feeding standing up.

A very comfortable orange!

Pink wonders how her friend ended up on the wrong side of the puppy pen

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