Ripley's puppies with Kyp

Born 26th of April 2005

Mating and pregnancy:

Ripley (Sabrefield Zimply Zuper) was mated to Kyp

(Bonvivant C'est Moi Sabrefield CDex) in February 2005.

Rip and Kyp REALLY liked each other!

6 weeks pregnant

7 weeks pregnant

At 7 weeks pregnant we started to worry that Ripley

would give birth to 101 Malinois as she was getting rather big.

A scan showed at least 6 pups.

8 weeks pregnant and getting VERY tired.

Trying out the whelping box.

As Ripley's last pups were born on day 59, we expected another early birth.

Ripley gave us several false alarms, then decided to wait until day 64.

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