Ripley's puppies with Kyp

The birth

The first puppy was born 3.40 am Tuesday the 26th of April.

A bitch. Ripley had then been panting and preparing for over 30 hours.

Second pup 3.35 am, another bitch.

The third pup 4.10, very tiny bitch who eventually did not survive.

Fourth pup 4.20 am, yet another bitch!

Puppy number 5 born 5.15 am, the first dog.


Number 6 born 5.25 am, another dog.

Now she had 6 and we figured that might be it.

The tiny pup to the far left is the one who did not make it.

Washing 6 pups.

At 5.50 am number 7 arrived, dog again.

Now Ripley took a long break.

7 pups including the tiny one.

Washing her 7 pups.

At 8.20 am, puppy number 8 arrived, a bitch.

Each time Ripley was busy giving birth we put the other pups in a tray

to keep them safely out of the way.

At 9.20 the last pup arrived, a dog.

Ripley now had 8 pups in total even though 9 had been born.

4 dogs and 4 bitches.

Ripley with all 8 puppies.

Some of the pups on the first day.

They look a bit like moles, or even ferrets -not like Malinois yet!

The noses and paw pads are mostly pink.

Day one

All 8 puppies the day they were born.

A puppy.

Ripley with all her pups the first day.

2 puppies first day.

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