Ripley's puppies with Kyp

The first week


The pregnancy The birth

The puppies one day old.

Looks like one of the boys might be a Grey.

Lots of suckling puppies, one day old.

Ripley and all her puppies, one day old.

One day.

3 days old, noses and pads going dark.

Sleeping pup 3 days old.

3 days old.

A pile of 3 day old pups

3 days

Feeding her pups 3 days

Sleeping pup 3 days old

Legs up in the air, suckling. 3 days.

We've nicknamed this dog pup the Terminator -

he has a white 'T' on his chest and his big brother

(well half brother) IS Arnie........

5 days old and growing!

(Well we had to put them somewhere when the bedding was changed, so the

laundry basket had to make do!)

Dog pup 1, 5 days

Dog pup 2, 5 days

Dog pup 3, 5 days

Dog pup 4 (the Grey), 5 days

Bitch pup 1, 5 days

Bitch pup 2, 5 days

Bitch pup 3, 5 days

Bitch pup 4, 5 days

One week old!

All the puppies at 7 days of age (yes one is hiding underneath the others!)