Ripley's puppies with Kyp

The second week -day 8 to 14


The pregnancy The birth The first week

A big pile of 10 day old puppies

Taking up more and more space at the milk bar! 10 days.

One relaxed puppy, 10 days

Ten days old and starting to actually LOOK like a Malinois.

Dog pup.

The eyes are starting to open with small slits in them.

Rufus comes to visit. Ripley doesn't mind.

When the pups were 12 days old the problems started.

Ripley raided one of the cats' litter trays, and ate so

much cat litter that she got VERY ill with gastro enteritis.

LESSON LEARNED! Keep cat trays away from all dogs, always!

She was so poorly she had to be kept in at the vet hospital overnight on a drip.

The puppies had to be bottlefed every 2 hours which they did NOT like.

At the vet's, Ripley apparently barked all night!

The next day she was able to come home. She had a bandage on her leg where the drip had been.

The Grey pup asleep, 14 days old.


Because of having been away from her pups, Ripley developed mastitis.

This resulted in her teat having a giant abscess which burst, leaving a

golf ball sized hole next to her teat. I will not place the

photo of that here as it is stomach churning!

The vet says she will be fine, I do hope so. Fingers crossed.

The pups are all just fine.

Eyes open and ears all over the place. 14 days.

The puppies are learning to walk and to sit.