Ripley's puppies with Kyp

The third week -2 to 3 weeks


Pregnancy Birth First week Second week

All on the floor aged 16 days, when the box is cleaned out. They are too big for a basket now!

All 8 pups aged 17 days.

17 days

18 days old and Ripley can sit up and feed the pups.

Her wound is still open but it IS healing and our vet is pleased with her progress.

First solid food! 18 days.

Splat! It's not easy to be so young and have such a big dish.

18 days still. Grey dog pup resting his head on a littermate.

We're not quite sure yet if the pup next to him is a second grey (bitch) or not.

18 days

The Grey dog pup 18 days old

19 days old and I have finally allowed my own kids to come see the pups

Ripley looks in to make sure her pups are okay.

All good socialisation for the pups to meet new people.

Tired puppies aged 19 days with their teddybear.