Ripley's puppies with Kyp

3-4 weeks


Pregnancy Birth First week Second week 2-3 weeks

25 days old, still sleeping in a pile

That is, unless they fall asleep in one of the dishes after feeding!

Ripley can feed the pups standing up now. 25 days.

How many Malinois can you fit onto one girl's lap? Normally, not as many as THIS!

26 days old and we are in the BIG BIG WORLD!

(Also known as the cat run!)

Candy the Champion Persian hasn't had the pleasure of being BIGGER than a Malinois before!

Grey girl -she's the quiet, shy one. We call her Angel.

"Ouch the sun hurts my eyes!" says the Grey boy.

"Take a picture of me!" Benjamin says ALL the time

What more could a little boy want than 8 puppies?

Rufus LOVES having dogs around that are SMALLER than him -

it doesn't happen often! He adores the puppies. Even a 10 year old dog

with a bad heart can still play when he wants to!

Human and canine family

"Terminator" in the background is the boldest and not scared of anything -here he wants to see Dandy

Hello mum!

Simba wants to say hello, Arnie isn't quite so sure -are these little things REALLY

his brothers and sisters?!

"Hello little puppy"

"Come back! I want to PLAY with you puppies !!!"

A quick drink when Ripley walks past.

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