Ripley's puppies to Lakota

4 weeks old

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4 weeks old today, at the milkbar

Peekaboo! Can we get out of this box?

(Sadly the weather has been so wet we haven't been able to have the pups outside yet)

"Ridigie" (previously "Almost Splodge") has a small ridge on his nose,

similar to Xanda from the first litter (the accidental "Maligolds") but not as big

Let me out!!

The pups are getting MUCH too fast to easily catch on camera !

Thoughtful pups

4 weeks 1 day old, five of the pups fast asleep together

and one on his own

4 weeks 2 days old and at LAST it has stopped raining.

We can now explore the outside world!

Sing with me: "I'm a big, big pup

in a big, big world......."

Bit unsure to start with

Best to stick together

All 6 with Ripley

"Hello, who are you?"

"I'm Uncle Simba!"

Oh look it's Uncle Rufus, we know him!

What's this? A hidey hole?

It is !!

Sitting pretty

Watched by all the family.

"So THIS is what those funny noises in the room next door were all about!"

4 weeks 5 days old, outside again.

This looks like fun

Benjamin wanted his picture taken with a pup (as usual)

"Hello little brother!" says Rambo


"Saftest place to watch these hooligans from" says Bobby

Bobby still keeping a safe distance

Seeing the big dogs

Something new to drink -water

"What are you doing Uncle Rufus?"

Something interesting going on over there

Rambo and Simba meeting new friends

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