Abby's puppies to Peanut

3 weeks old

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3 weeks old and it is time to start solid food -especially as Abby is a bit short of milk.

First off the smallest dog pup as he needs it the most. Didn't take long for him to get the idea!

Next the bitch pup (bottom)

The medium sized dog pup eating as well -to the right

Showing the big dog pup food is NICE


All 4 eating

3 weeks 1 day and we are very much getting the hang of this eating business

Abby and pups 3 weeks 3 days old

The biggest dog pup climbed out of the whelping box for the first time

3 weeks 5 days old

Faces and front legs getting very stained due to being in the food a lot!

The big dog 3 weeks 5 days (Tried to wash legs and faces a bit, didn't make much difference!)

Big dog again. Both ears up!

Bitch pup 3 weeks 5 days, ears also up

Medium sized dog pup 3 weeks 5 days old. One ear up, one back.

Small dog pup 3 weeks 5 days. Ears both bent back looking a bit silly!

3 weeks 6 days old. Eating from a bowl instead of a plate might kepe the legs a LITTLE bit cleaner.

Abby washing the smallest dog pup, 3 weeks 6 days


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