Abby's puppies to Peanut

4 weeks old

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The biggest dog pup, 4 weeks 2 days old

and again

The bitch 4 weeks 2 days

Medium sized dog pup 4 weeks 2 days

Smallest dog pup 4 weeks 2 days -ears all silly

and again

4 weeks 4 days -getting big!!

The smallest dog pup (with normal ears now) and the biggest, exploring the pen

4 weeks 4 days

Smallest and biggest 4 weeks 4 days

4 weeks 5 days, exploring the big world (i.e. the living room)

Benjamin with the biggest pup

Benjamin talking to the bitch

"rescue me from the puppies!" says Bobby

Monty (wet after a bath) and Confetti the kitten come to say hello

Benjamin talking to the pups even though it looks like he's about to eat them! ("Delete that picture!" he said to me)

I'm a big tough Papillon and I'm going to be a police dog when I grow up so I'm practicing biting people!

(Biggest pup has probably spent too much time talking to the Malinois!)

Oh here's something else to bite

My friend Ripley

These legs are much bigger than mine

Another shoe to chew

The biggest pup (the kids took some of these photo by the way)

The bitch pup and the biggest dog pup exploring

I'm also a big tough Papillon and I'm going to EAT you! (Bitch)

The bitch

"You're a very funny looking Malinois puppy!" says Ripley to the bitch

I'm off

The bitch yet again

Bobby, meet the puppy bitch

Confetti checks out the smallest dog pup. Is it a mouse?

watching the mayhem from a safe distance

The bitch pup meets big (or little!) half sister Ella, and Confetti turns up again

I'm sure this is a clockwork mouse, says Confetti

Granny Ginny, bitch pup and half sister Ella

Granny Ginny with the medium sized dog pup and the bitch

Medium sized dog yawns at the bitch

OH look, says the medium dog pup, this looks like a good plaything!

Medium sized dog pup


I best practice a good stand for future shows

or maybe I should become a sniffer dog?

The medium sized dog pup

(when the flash isn't used all the photos get too grey, colours are much brighter for real)

Melanie with the medium sized dog pup (she took the photo herself as well)

uncle Monty wants to play

Ringo meets the medium dog pup and the bitch

Ripley, Ella, Confetti and the bitch pup

Ripley watching over the pups

the smallest dog and the bitch

and with Ripley

look, a water bowl as big as the ocean! Smallest dog pup

Mirror mirror in the bowl........

Ripley, Ella and the smallest dog pup

Don't move your feet!!

Medium dog pup in front of smallest

I'm tired now

(Yes it HAD been vacuumed that day, but it doesn't take long for hair to be everywhere again.........)

Who's afraid of the big GOOD wolf?

Shoes -good to chew

Smallest pup contemplating life

smallest dog pup

Let's see if we can carry this off


Oh mum is here -we can have a feed!!



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