Abby's puppies to Peanut

5 weeks old

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5 weeks 1 day old. Nice weather so we are seeing the BIG big world outside!

Best stick together

or maybe we should split up

in pairs?

or in a row?

the bitch

the bitch

the bitch exploring

the bitch

uncle Monty turned up

the bitch yet again

and again

Medium dog pup thinks he's Ferdinand the bull


and again

and again

medium again

with Monty

the smallest pup

and again

smallest dog

some shade here

Video of the pups outside for the first time:

5 weeks 3 days old, all asleep

5 weeks 4 days old, eating

"Do I HAVE to like her?" asks Bobby

(Photo taken by Benjamin)

Monty loves all puppies

5 weeks 5 days, photo by Benjamin

Couldn't you afford proper beds for us?!

5 weeks 6 days; smallest and biggest dog pups


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