Abby's puppies to Peanut

6 weeks old

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6 weeks 2 days old. Let's get this cat!!

6 weeks 4 days old. The whelping box is gone so the puppy pen could be made a bit bigger.

We like the new bed but it has to be properly investigated

6 weeks 4 days, in the grass part of the garden.

Abby and the biggets pup

(Yes she needs her ears brushed -the pups keep messing them up! I do it all the time, honest!)

all 4

Backside view!

The biggest pup

and again

and again

and yet again

the bitch

and again (that grass needs cutting!)

and again

the bitch pup with granny Ginny and big half sister Ella

The smallest pup

and again

and again

playing with Monty

Look how far away I have gone, says the smallest pup. You can hardly see me over here.

The medium pup running and having fun

having a rest

Medium again

playing with Monty

Monty playing with the smallest pup (right) and the bitch (left)

Daddy Peanut is inside the cat run because Ginny and Ella are in season.

John calling the pups

The smallest pup watching something



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