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8 weeks onwards -final page

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I FORGOT to take one final picture of T2! So we'll have to repeat this one from 7 weeks and 5 days old.


Aged 8 weeks and 4 days old T2 went to live in Scotland with Chris,

where he is going to be trained to become a Search & Rescue dog !


9 weeks old and just 4 pups left now.

From left top anti clockwise: Ridgie, Rio, Splodge, Tanni.



Tanni down a hole !

We're big enough to reach the big dogs' water bucket now!

Tanni and Splodge

Ridgie wonders what Bobby is doing on the other side of the wire

Ridgie is changing colour and looks quite funny at the moment!

THINK this is Tanni but sometimes it's hard to tell from photos!

9 weeks 1 day old

Ridgie. Notice the ridge of fur on his face.

Splodge 9 weeks 1 day old

I did it AGAIN, forgot a last photo!

TANNI (formerly Heart Girl) has now gone to live with her new owner Janice in Wales.


-watch out for her in agility shows in the future!

(And conformation shows too !)

Good luck !!

RIO stays here. Pictured 10 weeks 2 days old.


Ridgie has travelled all the way over to IRELAND with Sarah, where he too is going to be an agility dog.

Good luck !!!


10 weeks 3 days old. "I'll just raid Bobby's toybox before I leave", says Ridgie.

10 weeks 6 days old, fully vaccinated and out for our first ever WALK !

Uncle Simba came too to show us it isn't scary in the big world.

(It made us VERY tired though to walk to the park, it took all of 5 minutes.)

Collars -yuk ! Can we get rid of them?

Rio and Simba

John, Simba and Splodge

Benjamin, Rio, Melanie, Splodge

Melanie and Rio

Benjamin and Splodge

And here is Ripley (and Rambo and Dandy) 13 weeks to the day after the pups were born.

She is totally out of coat but otherwise not in bad condition.

Splodge at 13 weeks -

now known as TINTIN. (Well you just CANNOT call "Splodge" -it doesn't work for recalls!

Besides, everyone was making fun of his name ! YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE !!)

Looking nice.

We were starting to think Tintin would stay, as all the potential homes that turned up for him were

unsuitable. Like I said, I am VERY careful when it comes to picking homes for my pups -

Malinois is not a breed for everyone.

Tintin 13 weeks 6 days old.

"You don't REALLY expect me to STAND on this horrible table do you ??"

Tintin: "What are you doing dad?"

John: "I'm trying to get you to STAND!"

"I'll sit instead!"

"I can stand", says Rio, "But I'm too busy to look at you!"

"Aha, is this what you wanted?"

"Enough of this!" says Rio, "Let's PLAY!"

Finally a hesitant stand from Tintin

and then we caught him unawares looking much better!


Then all of a sudden, the PERFECT home appeared.

It was very, very hard to say goodbye to my favourite puppy after almost 14 weeks,

but it was far better for Tintin to be a single puppy (with older friends) and get more

attention than I could give him and Rio together -and better for Rio too. So,


for a long time known as Splodge, then Tintin, now "Z" (pronounced the American way, i.e. "zee")

has moved to Surrey to live with Julia & family, where he will be an agility dog -and

hopefully we will see him at a show or two as well.




Really I could not have wished for better puppy buyers. 3 pups gone to agility homes,

one for Search & Rescue and one for showing.

Thank you everyone and please do keep in touch !!



 From now on, more puppy photos will be found either on the page for puppy photos (puppies in their new homes) HERE

or of Rio on her own page HERE.

This page is finished. (And this time I mean it!)