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All the pups exactly 3 weeks old

The ears are very nice and small and I think will go up soon -taking after their dad

What's this? Smells interesting!

Oh NICE!!! Chicken mince! Even better than mum's milk!

Aurora the kitten has appeared. Isn't chicken mince usually fed to the CATS?

One very greedy puppy!

Tired after the first meal

Waking up again


Toys -that's new

Asleep in the evening and granny Ripley looks through the window from outside wanting to see her grandpups

3 weeks 2 days old, eating in an orderly fashion!

3 weeks 3 days old and a few pups are learning to climb out of the box

(Sorry about the grey eyes caused by the flash)

"Come out and play!" says Monty

I think the first choice has been made and this bitch will stay here with us.

She reminds me a lot of granny Ripley.

Her name will be Goldmali Fame


Fame deciding to eat (CSJ dog food this time) when everyone else has gone to sleep

3 weeks 3 days old

3 weeks 4 days old and now feeding standing up




Monty playing with the puppies at 3 weeks 4 days old

(a bit grainy due to poor lighting, it was evening)

3 weeks 4 day. It's a hard life.

This will do as a bed.

3 weeks 5 days old and staying in the box is SO last week.

Fame got out too

Hm what's this? 3 weeks 6 days old

Nice ears up

This is Dot, who actually is a lot blacker in real life. 3 weeks 6 days.

Dot (left) and one as yet nameless pup. ("Dot" just being a nickname, anyway.) 3 weeks 6 days.

Give us a kiss! says Fame to Peanut

In the box at 3 weeks 6 days -for now!



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