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4 weeks old today and Fame has discovered water tastes nice.

Others soon follow

"First you steal a slipper", teaches Abby, "Then you run off with it!"

Okay let's see if I can carry it off

Yay, all mine!

This is as good a place as any to sleep.

But daddy shouldn't it be the other way around? Pups in the box, humans outside it?

4 weeks 1 day old

4 weeks 1 day old. Rio still feeding laid down now and then, but it gets a bit crowded!


4 weeks 1 day old and doesn't one of these "pups" look like it doesn't belong?!

The next day and it happens again! Imposter!

4 weeks 3 days old, a selection of pups

"Fame, don't lay on the wet patch! I'll drag you out of the way!"

4 weeks 5 days and Dot sits in a silly position

4 weeks 5 days old pup

We nicked this toy off the Papillons.

This pup still prefers to sleep under the fire

Benjamin and pups aged 4 weeks 5 days

Everyone wants to come and play

Mayhem with Melanie

The attack of the Malinois

It's very tiring to play a lot

4 weeks 6 days and we have stolen Benjamin's slipper again


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