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5 weeks 1 day old and the puppies see snow for the first time. It's fun! (But cold.)

We're safely inside the cat run with the little dogs, but mummy is on the outside

Let's jump on Abby

Back inside, warm, dry and tired


Fame with toys

Let's take one end each

As I was stood over the whelping box taking photos, one pup fell asleep on my foot

This pup likes to spend time in the little cage with a good friend and some bones


 And then we got a LOT more snow. Pups all aged 5 weeks and 5 days in these photos below.

It's a big, big world out there. Outside meeting the big family, here with uncle Simba the Golden, granny Riplay and uncle Z.

This white stuff is COLD!

Oh the sun makes the white stuff so bright I need to close my eyes

Fame refusing to show her face whatever I do


This pups found a buried treasure in the snow -a bone!

The snow isn't very clean closest to the door

Oh look I can poo in the snow!

Roxie inviting a pup to play

Roxie checking out playing pups

Where are you going?

Roxie and Simba checking out a puppy

I'm going to be a Husky when I grow up!

Simba loves puppies but it took Rocco a while to come over to say hello

A good place to sit, no snow

Snowy puppy

Back indoors and we sleep wherever we please

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