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The Puppies growing up in their new homes



One of our puppies ended up with a con woman.

Jet, black bitch, went to Barnsley under what we later discovered was

false pretenses. We have NO idea where she is now as she was sold on.

It has upset us all a LOT.

If you happen to know where in the Barnsley area there

is a black "Maligold", PLEASE contact us!

We just want to know how she is.

Arnie at 10 weeks of age.

We ended up keeping TWO puppies -

this is Matilda who is a paler Brindle than Arnie.


(Ellen after the Alien films again -it is Ellen Ripley!)

Matilda with Alli and Rufus.

Matilda and Arnie watching daddy eat his dinner.


The puppies are now in their new homes.

Jet (black bitch) went to Barnsley.

Xanda (black bitch) went to Mansfield.

Jadie (black bitch) went to Surrey.

Shadow (black dog) went to Northern Ireland.

Bayley (black dog) went to Coventry.

Bracken (brindle bitch) went to Coventry with Bayley.

Sobe (brindle bitch) went to London.

At 4 months of age, Arnie sitting under a tree, looking as laid back as Ferdinand the Bull in the Disney cartoon. And he IS. Arnie takes after his dad.

Matilda is much more like her mother -STUBBORN !!!!!

Both the pups go to dog training now.

Arnie and Matilda, who love being outside.

Matilda's coat almost looks like a white tiger.

Here they are again, but indoors.

They housetrained themselves more or less, very quickly too.

Arnie under the tree again.

He has large floppy ears rather like his dad. Matilda's ears move more.

The whole family.

Father and son.

The carpet is gone now -the puppies ruined it.

Then they took up the new lino. And removed the wallpaper!

Matilda 4 months. See how her ears are higher set than Arnie's.

Sometimes they stand up.

Matilda again

Arnie and Ripley

Arnie with both his parents.

Matilda, Arnie, Ripley.

All with black faces.

Rufus and Matilda.

Both the puppies wanting to play with the same toy.

Tug of war.

Here are some photos of SHADOW from Northern Ireland.

Here he is on his very first day in his new home aged

10 weeks -he settled in quickly!

This is Shadow with his new best friend Angus.

Shadow's ear sometimes stands up, like Matilda's!

Angus should be a good influence -he has competed in

obedience at Crufts in the past!

Shadow is progressing very nicely with his training.


Angus and Shadow having a hug.

The age difference of 12 years does not seem to matter!

Here is Shadow with all his friends doing a sit stay:

Hagar, Fred, Angus and Helga.

Sobe in London -doesn't she look like Arnie!


Sobe again

Sobe with her mum

Here are Bayley and Bracken from Coventry, in November 2002.

We really enjoyed getting news of all the pups for Christmas!

This is Jadie in Surrey. September 2002.

Unlike her mum and sister, she obviously likes retrieving!

Jadie again.

Xanda in Mansfield during a Sunday morning walk across

the fields. She has just spotted a stream which she is going to jump into!

Xanda: "You may think we are all relaxing at the top of the stairs. BUT!! I'm thinking

"Shall I fish into the washing basket (I can open the lid) to find some dirty socks ?"

-my favourite pastime is to find and carry dirty socks.

"OR shall I go into the bathroom for the empty toilet roll tube to tear to pieces??? CHOICES!"


(ALL the pups obviously have some destructive streaks!!)

2 ½ Golden Retrievers!

Xanda doing a sit stay with friends at dog training.

She, like Shadow, and maybe Arnie too, is aiming for competitive obedience.

Xanda doing heelwork with her mum, at 6 months of age.

SSHH! Don't tell anyone, my mum's got some sausage in her hand!!

Xanda during a walk in the park.

"Hurry UP mum, you're slow!"


Our first attempt at a family portrait -October 2002.

Matilda whispering something in daddy's ear.

Here is all the family panting -Matilda, Arnie, daddy Dandy,

Auntie Elsa and mum Ripley,

in the woods during a walk on Christmas Day 2002.

We all managed to do a sit stay for the camera.

This is a more common picture of Matilda, Arnie and Ripley -

they never stay still !!

Arnie and Matilda both have turned out like 99 % Malinois and 1 % Golden!


We are now 10 months old and have learnt a lot !

Here we are waiting patiently to be told we can

eat our food. We can look, but not touch until told !!

Arnie and Matilda have both passed the KC Good Citizen Puppy

Foundation test -I am sure they would have passed the Bronze as well

before now had they had a chance. (Shadow has passed both.)

Arnie at 10 months of age.

What the picture doesn't show, is that he is now tallest of ALL our dogs !!

Here is Ripley trying to make her ears look the same as her son's.

Ripley, Arnie, Matilda and Dandy on Dandy's 7th birthday -1st of April 2003.


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