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Here is SOBE with her friend Cleo who is a "Labradoodle"

Sobe is obviously great with her human "brother"!

On the 13th of June, 2004 we MET Xanda at a Companion show!

Both Xanda and Arnie worked in obedience -

although Xanda in a much higher class than Arnie's as she is excellent at

retrieving -unlike her brother and mother!

(Arnie did however come 2nd out of 25 in his class. Xanda had to leave early.)

Xanda again

Ripley was not impressed when meeting her daughter again!

When the puppies were little,

we always told Xanda apart from the other

puppies by the ridge of fur on the bridge of her nose.

Bracken and Bayley Christmas 2004.

Bracken is a good girl trying to keep her naughty brother

under control, according to their owner!

(Arnie and Matilda are the opposite!)

A small family reunion! June 2005.

Ripley travelled to Northern Ireland to see SHADOW -and

she brought Shadow's little brother Lance with her, to stay.

Ripley and Shadow got on really well !


Shadow's got a definite brown tinge to his coat

Shadow and Ripley

I was surprised to see that Shadow was a lot smaller than Arnie-

somehow I had always expected a black Arnie!

Shadow's temperament is also a lot more of Dandy's than of Ripley's.

(He's fantastic at retrieving!!)

Here are some photos of Ripley and Arnie in comparison.

Xanda having fun with her new friend Ciara the Golden

Xanda and Ciara obviously having a wonderful dogs' life

Matilda and Arnie in April 2006.

Family get together! Ripley (third to the right) with 3 of her ups: Lance from the A-litter, Shadow the Maligold, and Rio from the B-litter.

30th September 2007 in Northern Ireland.

Matilda and Arnie in May 2008.

Matilda and Arnie on their 15th birthday, 21st of May 2017.
Arnie died on the 28th of February 2018, 15 years and 9 months old.
Shadow in Northern Ireland had died just a few days earlier.
As of March 2018, there is only Matilda left alive from this litter.

Matilda on her 17th birthday, 21st of May 2019.
Matilda lived until 17 years and 8 months old. 21/5 2002 - 30/1 2020.