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Time flies !

Suddenly we are all grown up.

And what grown ups !!

In May, Arnie and Matilda both took their KC Good Citizen Bronze AND Silver tests

and passed with flying colours on the very same night.

In November, we went one better. At the weekly family outing to dog training,

Dandy, Ripley and Arnie (then aged 18 months) ALL passed their KC GOLD test!

Matilda has stopped training now. We were satisfied with just getting the Bronze and Silver awards,

as she simply does not enjoy training in the same way as Arnie, Ripley and Dandy does.

Look at how Matilda has developed a Golden Retriever like body!

Arnie is much more slender, like a Malinois.

Here are some more pictures of Shadow in Northern Ireland.

His body looks very similar to Arnie's.

Shadow during a down stay at dog training with his friend Angus.

Here is JADIE. How did she get up on that chair??!!

All the family at home in November -on the day

Arnie and Matilda turned 18 months old.

Arnie and Matilda 18 months old.

You could be forgiven for thinking this is Matilda at the front!

It is not -it is BRACKEN, with brother Bayley behind.

Are we comfortable or what ?!

Bayley and Bracken in Coventry.

Xanda in Mansfield doing a sit stay in December 2003.

Xanda: "My favourite pastime sunshine, rain or frost,

is standning and splashing in the horse trough!"

Xanda: "Ooops! Derek old mate, just missed ya !!!"

Xanda Christmas 2003: "Got to get into the festive spirit!"


THANK YOU everyone for the photos !!! We LOVE getting them!

Guess what? SHADOW has already competed in obedience shows.

The second time, he came 8th out of 31 !!

(He is working in Novice.)

We are VERY proud of him and hope to go to visit him

one day.

Jadie with a sore paw!

She soon got better.


TWO YEARS have now gone by since the Maligolds were born!

Arnie and Matilda 2 years old.

Doing a down stay, 2nd of June 2004.

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