Goldmali pups (some all grown up, some not) in their new homes

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Thank you everyone who have sent me photos! Please keep it up! I have the most AMAZING puppy buyers, all of you!


Goldmali Cherish "Zara"

Zara in Northern Ireland, December 2008

Zara and friends


Goldmali Crocodile Rock "Ace"

"The puppy formerly known as Ferdinand" -my favourite in the C litter.

Here a selection of Ace at different ages. Ace lives in Somerset.



Love this photo of Ace!


Goldmali Could It Be Magic "Tiva"

At 14 weeks Tiva is very much the spitting image of her mum Rio -shame she had to inherit those ears!

Tiva lives in Wales with her uncle Talu and granddad Lakota.


Goldmali Cherish "Zara"

Zara helping to clean -or maybe not.......

Goldmali Careless Whisper "Axel"




Goldmali Carrie "Ruby"



Tired Ruby

Goldmali Action Hero "Lance"

Ripley with 3 of her sons.

Left to right: Sarah with Fionn (By Your Side), Derek with Lance (Action Hero), John with Ripley and Z (Bohemian Rhapsody)

Fionn, Lance, Ripley

Action shots of Goldmali By Your Side "Fionn"

Goldmali Born To be Wild "Talu"


Goldmali Ace "Murray"

(The dog affectionately know as "Terminator" when a pup)



Thanks Celia for these photos of ZHIA:

Goldmali As Good As It Gets "Zhia"

Zhia (right) with her friend Amber



Agility brothers meet up!

G. By Your Side (Fionn, from Ireland) and G. Born To Be Wild (Talu, from Wales) met up recently.

Here with Fionn's owner Sarah.


Shadow the Maligold at the beach, April 2008

-What did you say?

-Now where did that ball go..?

Shadow's half brother Lance

(G. Action Hero)

Happy Lance


Goldmali Angel "Cleo"

(working at Discover Dogs at Crufts 2008)

Cleo's ears are starting to behave a bit better !


Talu (G. Born To Be Wild)


Janice Tyers with Tanni (G. Brown Sugar) winning AVNSC at the Welsh KC open show 13th January 2008.