Goldmali pups (some all grown up, some not) in their new homes

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Thank you everyone who have sent me photos! Please keep it up! I have the most AMAZING puppy buyers, all of you!

2011 and 2012

Goldmali Ash (Grey dog)

Goldmali Ash to the right, with his friend Max (bred by Janice Tyers)


Goldmali Careless Whisper "Axel" enjoying his holidays


Two fiery dogs. Goldmali Fire With Fire (Aspen, front) with sister Goldmali Firework (Dot) in the background

Goldmali Gideon "Olmec"
the flyball Papillon, with his Dachshund friends Aztec, Inca and Maya
(Olmec looks SO much like his dad Peanut in this photo -bar the colour!)

Goldmali Candyman "Erik"


A natural, non posed stand from Taima at home. Thea's Goldmali Flashdance.

Goldmali Flashdance "Taima" winning the Reserve Bitch CC at Crufts 2012, aged 16 months

Goldmali Flashdance "Taima"



Goldmali Gideon "Olmec" in flyball training!


This (and the photos below) is Goldmali Careless Whisper "Axel"


Goldmali Gideon "Olmec" in his Christmas coat

Goldmali Gabriel "Gabe" at 7 months


Stan (Goldmali Firecracker) and half sister Ruby (Goldmali Carrie)

Stan and Ruby



It's a hard life, reckons Olmec -having to use a Dachshund as a pillow

Olmec guarding the apples, 17th of October 2011

Goldmali Gideon "Olmec" 1/10 2011 almost 5 months old

Spot the Papillon! Olmec making himself comfy with his (bigger!) friends


Goldmali Flashdance "Taima"

Best Puppy and Reserve Bitch CC National Working & Pastoral Breeds Championship Show 16th of July 2011

Thea and Taima


Thea's pups April 2011:

Taima (right) and Aspen (left) April 2011

Goldmali Flashdance and Goldmali Fire With Fire

Aspen and Taima having FUN on the farm!

Aspen 5 months old


Thea's pups February 2011:

Aspen (Goldmali Fire With Fire)

Taima (Goldmali Flashdance) and Aspen (Goldmali Fire With Fire)




What have you got mum?

Taima and Aspen

Taima (left) with dad Luta (middle) and brother Aspen (right)



Reg (Goldmali Flash) playing with his best friend




Stan (Goldmali Firecracker) and big half sister Ruby (Goldmali Carrie) tired after a walk


My name is Kilo, and my dad's a DJ, can you guess?

Goldmali Faith

They taste okay



Aspen and Taima

Goldmali Fire With Fire Goldmali Flashdance


Dad Luta brings the post home together with daughter and son Taima and Aspen



Ruby with her little half brother Stan

Goldmali Carrie and Goldmali Firecracker

Ruby and Stan

Stan "I killed it all on my own"