Goldmali pups (some all grown up, some not) in their new homes

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Thank you everyone who have sent me photos! Please keep it up! I have the most AMAZING puppy buyers, all of you!

2005-2007 PHOTOS

Here's some photos of Corrie, who lives in Scotland and is training to be a search and rescue dog.

Goldmali Big Spender "Corrie"


In Ireland in 2007, we met up with 3 of Ripley's puppies.

Left to right: Lance (G. Action Hero), Shadow the Maligold, Ripley and Rio

(Unfortunately the only chance we got to take a group photo was before dawn, so the photos are dark)

Goldmali Action Hero "Lance"


John with Lance, Rio and Ripley

Lance, Rio and Ripley

Goldmali By Your Side "Fionn"

Fionn and Lance were so different, and so similar to their dads. (Lance is the son of Kyp, Fionn son of Lakota.)
 Lance very red in colour, and a heavy boy, Fionn a much finer dog whose ridge now is almost not visible at all.

Both wonderful dogs in such GREAT homes.

Thank you Jennifer and Sarah for a good weekend!


Thanks Sarah for these great action shots of FIONN !

Goldmali By Your Side "Fionn"





Thanks Thea for these wonderful action photos of TALU !

Goldmali Born To Be Wild "Talu"






Thanks Celia for these photos of ZHIA!

Goldmali As Good As It Gets "Zhia"




Goldmali By Your Side "Fionn"

(the pup formerly known as "Ridgie")




Goldmali Bohemian Rhapsody "Z"

Julia and Z in the ring at Windsor 29th of June 2007, where they took Best Dog and Best Opposite Sex

Julia and Z



Goldmali Bohemian Rhapsody "Z"


Goldmali Angel "Cleo"

Goldmali Angel "Cleo"

Tanni pictured by "Our Dogs" photographer Harris at the NWPBS show 17/2 2007.

Goldmali Brown Sugar

Z and his friend have all got new beds, but Z still preferred the floor!

Goldmali Bohemian Rhapsody

We've had a bit of a family reunion!

At National Working & Pastoral Breeds Society Open show on the 17th of February 2007, 4 of the pups, Ripley and Lakota all got together.

Left to right: Thea with Talu and dad Lakota, Julia with Z, John with mum Ripley and Rio, Janice with Tanni.

Z and Talu

Goldmali Bohemian Rhapsody and Goldmali Born To Be Wild

Z and Talu looking for food. All the pups seem to be as greedy as Ripley!

Z and Talu with dad Lakota in the background

Julia with the boys -her Z, and Thea's Talu, with Thea's Lakota in the background

Tanni who won Best Puppy, Reserve Best of Breed and Puppy Group 4, beaten only by her mother

Goldmali Brown Sugar

Our own Rio

Goldmali Believe

Where was Ripley when I was taking photos of the others? Doing a down stay in the car park behind us!


Goldmali Born To Be Wild



Goldmali Bohemian Rhapsody



GOLDMALI ASH, aka "Rex", from Devon


Z in the snow, February 2007.

Goldmali Bohemian Rhapsody


Only a tiny little picture sent from a mobile, but I love this one.

Lance (G. Action Hero) with one of his owner's daughters.


Another Malinois with access to a beach! Tanni waiting for her friends to catch up.

Goldmali Brown Sugar


Goldmali Ace

Murray and Jasper at play

Goldmali Ace

Guess who this is, to the right? None other than "Terminator", my favourite puppy from the A litter, now called MURRAY.

Here with his 13 year old friend Jasper.

Goldmali Ace

Fionn practising agility

Goldmali By Your Side

Fionn with his friend Tanya at 7 months old

Goldmali By Your Side

Tanni aged 7 months

Goldmali Brown Sugar

Tanni 6 months old with her friends Tip-x and Too-c

Goldmali Brown Sugar

Isn't this a brilliant group photo?!

Tanni with all her friends. Left to right: Tip-x, Lucy, Tanni, Too-c, Kip

Tanni aged 7 months relaxing ! (At top)

Goldmali Brown Sugar

Tanni aged 6 months

Goldmali Brown Sugar

Tanni aged 5 months with her friend Kip

Goldmali Brown Sugar

Tanni at 5 months, being a builder's helper -or not (sitting in the sand bag!)

Goldmali Brown Sugar

Z 6½ months old

Goldmali Bohemian Rhapsody


Z and owner Julia during a visit to the Lake District -watching sheep!

Goldmali Bohemian Rhapsody

I love this photo of Z at the beach! Goldmali Bohemian Rhapsody.

Z 6 months old Goldmali Bohemian Rhapsody

Z (G. Bohemian Rhapsody) doing a downstay in the park with his two friends Blaze and Corley.

Mini reunion at Midland Counties the 27th of October 2006:

Tanni (Brown Sugar), Rio (Believe) and Talu (Born To Be Wild)

GOLDMALI BORN TO BE WILD "Talu" aged 6 months


Yes it's "Ridgie! The ridge still visible but I don't think it spoils his appearance at all.

Fionn was always the darkest of the B-pups in colour.


Goldmali By Your Side

Fionn has a wonderful life in Dublin with Sarah. Here on the beach with his friend.




I just love this photo of Zhia! Thank you Celia!


Guess who is having a bath? (And liking it so much he is laying down in the tub!)

It is none other than Splodge! Or Z as he is known now: GOLDMALI BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY.

All wet after his bath

20 weeks old

Z likes to lay down and kick the wall

Z doing heelwork very nicely !

Sit and watch

"What do you want me to do next?"

Z and his owner Julia don't do anything by halves -

they are working towards agility, obedence, working trials AND showing!

A nice stand

I'm so glad he got such a good home -we were so attached to him.




Talu (Goldmali Born To Be Wild)



"It's MY toy" reckons Talu (Hasn't he grown !)

A few weeks later than further down, and Talu (laying down) has a visit from his little sister CREE!

(Owned by Tish Gaffney and bred by Liz Richardson.

Cree is a pup from Lakota, just lik Talu, but his mother is Ripley's litter sister Izzy.)


Talu with ears looking nice


Talu a bit older -both ears up now

Talu with dad

Talu with his oh so handsome dad Lakota (Sioux Warrior)


-soon after he moved to his new home where his dad is


Goldmali As Good As It Gets "Zhia"

Zhia's head reminds me a lot of Rambo !


Shadow and Lance (Northern Ireland) in March 2006 -isn't Lance HUGE!


Goldmali Apple of My Eye "Livvy"

Owned by Phil & Elaine Cook (Cookvale)


Goldmali Ash "REX" in Devon, just a few days after moving in

Rex with his new friend Max


Goldmali Action Hero "SIR LANCELOT" in Northern Ireland




Lance with his half brother Shadow and their mum Ripley


Goldmali As Good As It gets "ZHIA" having fun in Darlington

Zhia looking very much like a young Ripley

Zhia and friend

Zhia a few weeks older.

How's this for confidence ?!

Somebody obviously likes agility !!

"I'm the king of the castle!" (Zhia again)


Lance (Action Hero)


Rex (Ash)

"Oh look , what's this?" says Rex to his big friend Max

"It's a pond" says Max, "Boring, I'm leaving"

But Rex decides to investigate further!


Rex with his family

Rex on a nice summer's day in Devon

And again

I'm playing tug of war all on my own!


Zhia with friends


Angel the grey bitch a.k.a. "CLEO" (who lives in Worcester) aged 6 months 1 day



Goldmali Apple of My Eye "LIVVY"

Livvy (left) lives in Doncaster so she

meets up with Rambo and Ripley frequently.

Here at a show with Rambo in November 2005.