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7 weeks old. We sleep wherever we like.

7 weeks 2 days old. Come on Benjamin, wake up!!

Can we go on the internet?

Quickly get tired again. Zulte and Dime.


Ritzy and Leah

Ritzy and Thumper

We never get locked inside the box now, even though it has a pen around it.  But we still choose to sleep in it at times.


Mum Rona is sleepy as well. (No she did not chew the couch, Penny did when younger. Rona is a GOOD girl!)

Play is getting more and more rough

The first puppy to leave for her new home was ROZA. Goldmali I Have A Dream.
Now living with Lucy and Les in Barnsley.

Abby and Ritzy


Dime and Monty

Ritzy, Monty and Dime








Ritzy and Dime -check out how Ritzy is sitting!


Ritzy, Monty and Dime

Abby and Rona having a chat about motherhood

Thumper and Abby

Thumper and Dime


Zulte and Petra

8 weeks

The trolley that some of the Papillons sleep in at night has become a popular Malinois pup rest stop

Then Purple left for her new home to live with Judy, David and great aunty Sophia in Hampshire. She is now called PETRA, or Goldmali Icon.

The next puppy to leave for her new home was Red, now known as LEAH, or Goldmali Innocent Eyes. She went to live in Northern Ireland with Alison and aunty Zara.

A very comfortable Ritzy

Must make sure to have some chew toys within easy reach

Blue and Green wondering how Ritzy managed to get up there

A few days later the puppies realise they can CLIMB!

At just over 9 weeks of age the pups that are still here need to start getting out and about to be socialised. Here is Orange (Dime) in the car

Ritzy came too

Ritzy and Dime first went to the local petshop, then to Tesco. All sorts of things to see there.

Dime and Ritzy on a walk
I didn't have a free hand to take photos, but Thumper (Blue) and Zulte (Green) also went outside to learn to walk on a collar and lead.

9 weeks 2 days old and the remaining 4 pups have all learnt how to get up onto the couch. Left to right Ritzy, Thumper, Dime and Zulte, with Calee watching from above

It's a dog's life!!

A vet bed is okay for sleeping on as well

or even the hard floor will do, says Zulte

The whelping box is gone from the corner now and guess what, there was loose wallpaper behind it. Let's rip some off!!

Thumper with a bone, 9 weeks 5 days old

A relaxed Thumper

and then Thumper worked out that there is a HOLE in the gate to the utility room, where the cats eat. A PUPPY SIZED hole that you can jump through!

Dime 10 weeks old

Tired Thumper at 10 weeks. All the pups went to the vet for their second vaccination and it tired them out.


Zulte is also tired

And then it was Orange's time to leave for his new home. DIME is officially called Goldmali Incredible and he went to live in Kent with Margaret and his relative Teak and a GSD.

Ritzy with Confetti the cat

Thumper went to stay with Judith for a while to socialise, as he has to stay with us a lot longer than the other pups. 3 Goldmalis in this photo!

10 weeks 2 days old and just Ritzy and Zulte left, for now. We took them to the "All about dogs" show at Newark to socialise.

Aunty Penny came too

and Melanie brought Harry

Benjamin and Melanie took the pups in the puppy class at the fun show, as practice. There were a LOT of puppies.

Then we entered the "Best family" class with Penny and the pups, and came 5th out of 24 dog families. Everyone was pretty relaxed.

Ritzy after a long day at the show, just about to leave for home

The next day we travelled down with visit Thea in Wales with Ritzy and Zulte -and Mats came too. A long journey of 3 hours each way but the pups travelled extremely well. We had to use the car as the van was broken yet again.

The pups met a lot of relatives and had a really enjoyable day

The pups got a chance to try the seesaw

Zulte did really well

Suddenly Zulte decided to have a go on his own!

Tired pups. They slept all the way home.

A few days later and Thumper's back, telling Zulte he is in charge now

Ritzy 11 weeks old

The next day it was time to say goodbye to Green, ZULTE, whose name is Goldmali I Believe I Can Fly. He went to live in Hertfordshire with Joanne, his cousin Kozen and other new Mali friend Tom.

Just Ritzy and Thumper left now, for several weeks whilst Thumper's pet passport is getting ready. Melanie took some photos during a walk but it was easier said then done to get the pups to pose.



11 weeks 4 days old and Thumper spends some quality time with aunty Penny

13 weeks old and we went for a walk in the woods

Mummy Rona and aunty Penny came too

4 month old Thumper looking out the window with Ritzy and Penny (and Calee)

The couch is a favourite climbing and observation spot. Benjamin took this photo of Thumper and Ritzy.

The time was getting close for Thumper to leave for Spain, and Judith came to say goodbye to him.

The 27th of June was Thumper's last day here. 4 months old.

With Ritzy


Goodbye to Thumper from the other dogs

Thumper checks his packing for the very long journey by road. Pets passport, blanket, toys, bones.

And then Thumper was collected by some nice men in a nice air conditioned van.
We were able to track his journey online every step of the way until he arrived with Sandra in Spain, 2 days after leaving us.

And this is the end of the pages for the Goldmali I litter.